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SUNJ Energy Attended the European Power Energy Exhibition to help the European Smart Meter Upgrade!

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   On November 28-30, 2023, the 24th Enlit Europe 2023 was held in Paris, France. SUNJ Energy brought smart meter power supply solutions to the exhibition to discuss the future development direction of the industry with exhibitors and customers.

  The European Power Energy Exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition covering the whole energy industry chain, covering power, water, heat, gas and other energy fields, involving smart meters, smart grid, data management, smart home, AMR&AMI, communication &IT, energy retail and other topics. More than 15,000 industry participants, 150 countries, 500 utilities, 1,000 exhibitors and 500 speakers attended.


  At this exhibition, SUNJ Energy displays a full range of lithium/thionyl chloride batteries, lithium/manganese dioxide batteries, battery capacitors EPC, large-capacity high-power lithium battery packs and other products. And visited and learned the same type of products of other manufacturers, and tested the performance of their products in practical applications, not only to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of our products and products of other manufacturers in performance. And contribute to the innovation and upgrading of our products.



  At the meeting, with a "stable high operating voltage, low self-discharge rate, high energy density, high working life" of the smart meter power supply solution, the booth attracted many customers, industry experts to visit the product, negotiate cooperation.

  The site showed the meter solutions of SUNJ Energy, ER14250, ER17335, ER18505 and other intelligent water meter power supplies, excellent performance, with high pulse current, taking into account high stable voltage, low self-discharge rate, ultra-wide operating temperature range and other core advantages, to achieve flexible installation, safe use, widely concerned and recognized by customers in the field.

  SUNJ Energy continues to provide reliable solutions for the global smart meter industry, from single batteries to combined power supplies to customized solutions, to provide customers with one-stop service, committed to the concept of green low-carbon sustainable development, hand in hand with customers and partners, to help realize the infinite possibilities of lithium batteries and smart life.


  As an important member of the lithium battery industry, SUNJ Energy has always been committed to sustainable strategic layout. In the future, we will continue to be committed to lithium battery technology innovation, work together with partners, continue to provide customers with better quality products, promote the energy iteration and upgrading of the smart meter industry, and contribute to the digital and intelligent development of the global energy industry.