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Looking ahead to 2024! SUNJ Energy held 2023 annual work summary meeting

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    On January 24, 2024, when the Spring Festival is coming, SUNJ Energy held the 2023 annual work summary meeting under the auspices of the general manager Li Yuanwei. Relevant personnel of the company's technical department, Quality Control Department, production Department, Marketing Department and foreign Trade Department attended the meeting, which covered the summary and analysis of the overall performance of the Marketing Department, foreign Trade Department and the company. Strategic planning and business objectives for 2024.

    The Marketing Department's marketing performance in 2023 was stable, with steady progress compared with last year, among which the personal target completion rate of the Marketing Department's sales specialists reached more than 90%. Zhang Li, head of the Marketing Department, said that this achievement is inseparable from the hard work and team spirit of all sales staff. 


    The performance of the Ministry of Foreign Trade in 2023 is also very bright, the export volume has steadily increased, the new development of overseas customers 58, the personal summary of foreign trade specialists showed their professional quality and excellent business ability. In addition, foreign trade operators have also made remarkable progress in the optimization of platforms such as Ali International Station and Made in China network, laying a solid foundation for the company to expand overseas markets.



    In addition, the company also held a training and question-and-answer session for lithium battery technology, the head of the company's technical department provided technical guidance to the business personnel of the Marketing Department and foreign trade department, and explained the structure of a lithium battery, discharge curve and high and low temperature performance analysis, and answered the technical questions raised by product performance and daily customers. Thus, it provides employees with more accurate technical knowledge and practical experience, improves the familiarity of business personnel with product information, and also helps to enhance the competitiveness of the company in the field of primary lithium batteries.


    The general manager said at the meeting that the company will increase production capacity supply in 2024, stabilize the delivery time, and commit to vigorously develop foreign trade business to further enhance the company's market competitiveness and profitability. At the same time, the company will also develop more forward-looking strategic planning to ensure the sustainable and steady development of the company.

    Through this work summary meeting, Shuangji Energy Co., Ltd. conducted a comprehensive review and analysis of the work achievements in the past year, and made clear plans and goals for the future development. I believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, the company will usher in a better tomorrow.